Who Are Artists Who Were Arrested For Their Art?

A lot of people have been arrested that are artists. Why would this happen to people just trying to be creative and send out a message? Here are some of the reasons why people get arrested for art they do sometimes.


People thought Elvis was bringing “negro” music to the masses.

In America, there was a time where people blamed the country’s problems on music. There were musicians that were taken to court over there supposedly being backward messages on albums. Society was blaming certain kinds of music for school shootings. One common thing in America is that people like to blame what is happening on anything else but themselves. If you see an artist that isn’t afraid to speak their mind, it’s easy to tell the world something is their fault and people love to do that so they don’t have to look at what they did wrong.

Some people make a statement with their art and break the law when doing so. Spray painting a mural on the side of a government building or getting naked in protest of laws as performance art are a couple of ways people have been in trouble with the law. Even though we’re at a point in time where people don’t get as bent out of shape about art, there are still people that get professionally offended and can’t stand it when they see something that makes them think a different way or that they just don’t want to look at.

As you can see, art can offend people or it can make society turn against someone for pointing out something they don’t want to see. Art is a good way to communicate with people, even if they don’t want to hear the message. An artist’s job is to make people feel certain emotions even if that means offending them.