Things to Know Before Visiting a New Jersey Online Gambling Website

Before you start playing online casino games at a legal, licensed New Jersey gaming website like Betfair, there are several things you should know. While it is perfectly legal to now game online in New Jersey, there are restrictions.

You must be of legal age to gamble online to play on NJ gaming sites. The minimum age to open an account at an online casino is 21.

While you do not need to be a resident of New Jersey to open an account at a casino online, you must be physically located within the state’s borders. If you are not in the state of New Jersey, you cannot play.

This means that if you are signed up to play using an online NJ gaming website legally, and you are from another state, but you leave NJ, you cannot legally play any casino games. All legitimate, licensed casinos online are managed by third-party companies that make use of geolocation technology to make sure you are within the state’s borders before allowing you to play.

The casinos are given all the information they need to make sure a person is an age that they say that they are as well as to make sure they are from the address they state they are. This information is verified using the geolocation technology and IP address verification. This IP verification checks that you are in NJ when you go to play.

The casinos use what is called KYC checks to verify information. These Know Your Customer Checks will check your age, identity and your location. These audits are in place so that the casinos can continue to operate legally. While it can be disappointing to find this out, it is better to know this ahead of time so that you can enjoy playing when you are in NJ.