Famous Artists Who Have Spent Time Behind Bars

Jim Gordon was convicted of murdering his mother and is currently in prison.

Jim Gordon was convicted of murdering his mother and is currently in prison.

Americans tend to believe that being rich and famous will keep people out of jail, but that simply is not the case. Many artists have spent at least some time in jail, even if it is just for booking and getting released with bail from a bail bonds like Lucky 7. Below is a list of some of the most interesting arrests, some you may remember, others may surprise you.

One surprising story of criminal activity is that of an original rock star, Chuck Berry. His encounters with the law began when he was a teen, when he was arrested for armed robbery and the theft of a vehicle in the process. Years later her was arrested for bringing a minor over state lines for “immoral purposes” which led to a five year jail sentence. Then, in 1990, when he was quite an old man, he was arrested for filming women in bathrooms. Apparently his bad boy behaviors knew no limits.

Gaahl, a famous black metal artist, was arrested for torturing a man at a party, among many other arrests over the years. For this one he spent 14 months in jail.

mgid-uma-video-mtv.com-593593Kid Rock, a well known bad boy was arrested in 2007 for trashing a Waffle House in Alabama. Apparently a brawl started and he and his groupies decided to take matters into their own hands.

Finally, Jim Gordon, a well known session drummer, was arrested for the murder of his own mother. According to court reports he stabbed her multiple times, resulting in her death.

Clearly being famous does not keep you out of the grips of the law. Some even assert that it brings more trouble your way that it would if you weren’t well known. The moral to the story just might be to stay out of the public eye.